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Whether it is a Personal Residence, Senior Activity Center or Retirement Facility our certified and licensed chair practitioners come to you. All sessions take place in a private, quiet area within a designated area. Massage chairs are portable; therefore we are able to set up quickly in almost any location and with all the necessary supplies. Chairs are fully disinfected prior to each visit and disposable face-rest cloths are used, therefore ensuring that sanitary standards are adhered to. For the elderly, BC Eldercare Massage is a wonderful option that ensures they get regular sessions without having to leave their home or assisted living facility.

Individuals using a wheelchair can still benefit also from the massage as they remain with their personal mobility device and rest against a padded table top cushion. Eldercare massage can also be applied to the hands and feet of the clients if they are confined to a bed. In cases such as these, a hand or foot massage can enhance body awareness, sensation and circulation in certain parts of an aging body.

Eldercare massage can offer senior citizens a number of benefits on multiple levels: helps stimulate circulation, promotes relaxation and deeper breathing, help lower blood pressure, assist in arthritic pain management, help reduce swelling, stimulates bowels, improves quality and length of sleep and releases endorphins. Eldercare massage can also help ward off depression, fatigue, anxiety and irritability while providing the nurturing compassionate touch that is often absent in the lives of older people with the convenience of a service that comes to them.

Contact us by email at info@bceldercare.ca or by phone 604-340-3581. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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