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Our Mission:

BC Eldercare Massage seeks in providing a quality chair massage program to produce successful, caring professional Chair Practitioners, to enhance the health & well-being of our senior community. We honor, inspire, and embrace the mutual benefit derived from offering eldercare massage.

To achieve our mission we:

  • Offer mentoring and training to massage therapists, health professionals and other caregivers.
  • To be a healing presence to others and empower caregivers with this service.
  • Partner with compassionate individuals, institutions and organizations to uplift the lives and the
    communities we serve.

Our Vision is a world where eldercare massage is a healing presence and a well known health & wellness service to offer to our senior community.

Are You a Perfect Candidate to be a BC Eldercare Massage Instructor?
You just might be if you:

  • Are passionate about serving people in eldercare and the senior community
  • Communicate effectively
  • Share our mission and vision
  • Can inspire others
  • Hold a BC Eldercare Massage Certificate
  • Enjoy mentoring others and want to becoming a leader
  • Respect individual differences and diverse spiritual views
  • Can creatively solve problems
  • Have moderate computer skills
  • Desire to diversify your income and expand your business model
  • Are a self-starter, professionally and ambitious

What will you be able to teach following the Training?
You will be prepared and empowered to teach BC Eldercare Massage Courses

How will you be supported by BC Eldercare Massage?

What will I receive?

  1. 19 hours for attending the Instructor Training Course
  2. Licensed designation as a BC Eldercare Massage Instructor
  3. Branding standards
  4. Name-tag
  5. Instructor manual and materials
  6. Power point Instructions sessions along with outline
  7. Every 2 Years BCEM Instructors meet expanding their knowledge, offer support and define their work more clearly.
  8. BCEM Instructor's addition support available (via email - conference call)
  9. BC Eldercare Massage Corp. will place a ¼ page ad in your cities newsletter or other marketing
  10. Your Courses will be listed on the BCEM website calendar
  11. Learn to routinely run your courses in current publications
  12. Instructors first course will be overseen and fully supported by BCEM.

Teacher Compensation:

Teachers will be independent contractors for BC Eldercare Massage Corp. We have constructed a fair compensation program. It is possible to re-coup your investment in as little as 1 Course! 70% of gross revenue goes to teacher. Teacher's responsibilities are facility costs, student manuals, pens, brochures and supplies exclusively by BC Eldercare Massage Corp.

BC Eldercare Massage Corp.
Office: 604-340-3581
Toll Free: 1-888-978-9656
Fax: 604-944-9029

Email: info@bceldercare.ca

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